Interview with an Entrepreneur

Interview with an Entrepreneur

  Artist interview with  Lisa McLinden .

Artist interview with Lisa McLinden.

Will you share a bit of your personal and professional origin story?


My father was a nomad, hence, was I. We moved extensively throughout my childhood, which resulted in the cultivation of my love of art, design, and nature. These things were transferable, predictable, and easily accessible regardless of where we lived.  It was a natural evolution that I would work in the field of art as it brought me the greatest joy. The one thing that I didn’t foresee early on was that although creating provided feelings of contentment, it was only sharing my love of art and teaching the fundamentals of creating that brought me true happiness. Creating and teaching are a harmonious marriage, each allowing the other to stand along while being supported.  It works for me. 


How do you make sure you are showing up in your business and aligning with your values?


There’s no distinction between how I approach my life and work – I try to give 100% and do it from a place of kindness.  Although I have my moments, most often, my moral compass points in a direction of sharing, building others up, and goodness.  I think when you listen to your inner voice, that deep, visceral feeling in your gut; it guides you to where you’re meant to be. We just need to listen and trust where it leads us.


How do you approach time management and harmony between your business and life?


This is always a challenge for me, for many of us.  Being an organized person by nature certainly helps.  I’d be lost without my day planner! I learned a long time ago to accept that many days simply don’t have enough hours in them to do and be all I want to be.  


How has being a woman informed your work?


I’ve been so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by teachers and mentors that have supported me regardless of gender. As women creative’s, we’ve long been place holders in the world of art.  I truly see this changing, slowly, but still changing. Artists face the same challenges all women face in society - we have work to do, stories to tell, audiences to cultivate, and change to implement.  I’m hopefully optimistic for women everywhere.  


How have your vulnerable connections informed your life and business?


Most of my relationships have a tender, vulnerable component to them. I simply connect with people who are authentic and open to sharing their vulnerabilities. These kinships remind me of the fragility of life, the importance of remembering we all have a story, some profoundly painful stories, and in one way or another, we all have wounds that need tending and healing. Every time I pick up a brush, I pour onto the canvas emotion whether its sadness, joy, grief, or happiness. I’m far from the best artist out there, but one thing that I hope my work conveys to others is love, my love of nature and people. 


What are three self-care practices you can’t live without?


This is easy – time in nature, a hot cup of tea, and music. Oh, and a great bath! Man, I love a long hot bath. 


If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?


Girl, you have always been more than enough. xo

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