The Importance of Spending Time Alone

The Importance of Spending Time Alone

If you're feeling cranky, anxious, and exhausted, it's probably because you're not spending enough time alone.


Even for those of us who aren't introverts, extroverts also need alone time to recharge. Albeit, not necessarily as much as introverts!


I've talked to hundreds of women in the past six months, and they all agree... they are tired. They have so many demands on them that they don't feel they have time for rest. 




Finding your perfect amount of rest can be tricky-it is fairly subjective. There are studies that suggest the average person is at their optimal wellbeing when they've had 4-6 hours of rest in a day. Things like reading, being in nature, listening to music, doing nothing, walking, baths, daydreaming and practicing mindfulness are listed as the most restful activities.


While you certainly can do most of those activities with others, being around people adds a layer of pressure that isn't there when you are alone. So true rest is done by yourself!




Often being busy is touted as an accomplishment. And we tend to feel guilty if we aren't working and being 'productive' 24/7. The harsh truth is, when we wear ourselves ragged, we end up living in-between these two worlds of productive and restfulness. We are in this limbo land where we can't truly do either.


In reality, humans that can truly function on 4 hours of sleep, make up only 1% of the population. So sorry to bust your bubble, but you are not immune and doing yourself and your business a disservice.


Be honest with yourself. Take account of how many hours you are spending resting versus 'working'. Keep track for one week. Are you getting 4-6 hours of rest time in each week? Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep? And most importantly, how do you feel??




Sleep and rest are technically two different things, although they both help reset your nervous system. Think of sleep as charging your iPhone. Rest is similar to putting the phone on "do not disturb" or "airplane mode" to save the battery.


Don't feel bad if you realize you need more rest than other people. That's okay! You need to learn to listen to yourself.


Next time you're feeling drained, consider doing one of the aforementioned activities solo to reset and recharge your mind and body. It is perfectly okay to ask for help. We're not always aware of our own behavior, especially when we need to hit the reset button.


You may feel uncomfortable at first being alone. And that's also okay. Work through it and push to the other side of that discomfort. Learn to sit in silence and FEEL your thoughts. This is usually why we are afraid to be alone. We seek distractions and stay so busy that we often don't have time to feel our feelings. But in order to be fully human and look after our wellbeing we need to learn to truly accept and love ourselves-and that starts with learning to love being alone.


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What self-care routines do you have established for yourself? Share in the comments below!

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