6 Steps to a More Balanced Life

6 Steps to a More Balanced Life

Firstly, you are awesome for taking on running a business. Kudos to you for being driven and determined.


Secondly, I totally get it. And so does everyone else. We tend to run ourselves ragged as we attempt to take over the world and achieve our dreams. Being an and entrepreneur (and human!) is exhausting!


I want to say finding a perfectly balanced life is a myth. It adds unnecessary pressure. Life is about ebb and flow, and it will always be that way. I experience periods chaos and being crazy in my business. And then I become aware of this and reel myself back in to periods where I am more focused on finding the white space. This is perfectly okay! Those quiet moments are okay, it's time to re-prioritize and check in with me.

Today I want to share with you 6 things that never fail to bring me back to a state of ease. A state where I prioritize self-care and enjoy the whitespace. If you are feeling a lack of balance, try these steps:



Do you feel like caffeine is the only thing keeping you going? Do you find yourself zoning out from total exhaustion? That's your body begging for sleep! Do you feel low energy all the time? Perhaps you need to up your nutrition game! Do you feel anxiety creeping up in your shoulders? It's time to relax and stretch... hello, yoga!

There is always a solution. Stop with the excuses and JUST DO IT. You'll be better for it, and more productive in the long-run.




One of the best things I've done for my wellbeing is adopting a morning routine. This allows me the space every single day to start the day in a way that serves me. I'm beginning the day by making the choice to empower myself. That puts me in a great mental headspace for the remainder of the day! 


My personal ritual includes light exercise to wake up my body; affirmations and visualizations to keep my 'dream life' in the forefront of my mind; meditation to stay grounded; reading to enhance my emotional and spiritual wellbeing, plus it is developmental; and free writing to work out and explore my feelings. Do it everyday! And don't start work, check email, check social media, ANYTHING else beforehand.



When you are overworked and taking on one million different projects, we are spending all of our energy outwards. We aren't taking time to fill our own metaphorical cup. Take a break from the external and learn to fly solo. This means no emails, texts, social media. Think of it as a fast. Break from the noise of the world and everyday. Instead, enjoy your company and revel in the quiet.


Do you find yourself dreading certain responsibilities or tasks? Well then why the hell did you commit to it? SERIOUSLY! The best thing about being an adult, is we have the power to choose how we spend our time. Learn to say no to things that detract from your wellbeing; don't excited you; or aren't a good fit.


Treat yo'self! Okay so self-care isn't all massages, pedicures and yoga classes. But it is learning to do things that make you feel good, and often.

Whatever that may be for you! Do things that make you happy!  



Like I said, being an adult is cool, and it allows the freedom to choose how we spend our time and what we commit to. This can also mean what we want to feel like. How do you want to feel everyday? Think of a word! Now base every decision here on out  on whether it will bring you closer or further to that feeling.

If you would like further guidance and support towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life use the form below to access 5-part audio training series: Life First, Business Second.

If you have any other suggestions on how to bring balance into your life, please share in the comments!

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