Gratitude Goes Both Ways

Gratitude Goes Both Ways

I am all about gratitude. I keep a journal I write in every night. And any opportunity I have throughout the day to acknowledge someone I appreciate, I take it.


But today I want you to consider what other people appreciate you for!


It's not uncommon we get stuck in negative self-talk cycles and focus on our weaknesses or shortcomings. So it would benefit us to occasionally consider our strengths and what others like about us.


Let's start to make a habit of noticing where and when appreciation comes to you in your life and work. 


I hear it often from others that it shows how much I care about other peoples' wellbeing and happiness. I'm grateful for that because these are the values I love and focus my work on. Knowing this is comforting and the appreciation is nice. I feel good continuing to refine and emphasize these values.


Think of gratitude as a feedback loop. It has the power to show us where we shine and elevate our happiness.


So today let's consider something. What do people turn to you for? What do they comment about you most often? What do they say they appreciate about you?


This can be an exercise in uncovering your superpower! Where does what others appreciate about you overlap with your passion and joy? This is where your best self can come to life!


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So remember! Gratitude and appreciation go both ways. As much as we should be expressing appreciation and gratitude daily, we should also be aware of what others appreciate about us.

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