I am woman before
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I am woman before ____.


Coaching to activate your true potential! Coaching to harmonize your life and work so you are more connected, human and whole.


You are the kind of woman who has it all. You worked your ass off to get your business off the ground. You laid the foundations and put in the long hours. You stayed home on Friday nights and said no to dinner and drinks with friends, because we all know this isn’t a ‘9 to 5’!


You are basically a badass who has built something out of nothing, but now something is missing...


You know you love what you do, but inside you want to give up because you feel worn down.


You work your way through your daily tasks, but you can’t handle much more than that because you feel overwhelmed and disconnected from your old goals.


You manage to get out of bed in the morning, but it takes every ounce of willpower you have because you’re not sure you are even headed down the right path.


You put on a happy face for your family and tell your friends everything is fine, but you wish you could just hide from the world because you feel like a failure no matter what the truth is. (The truth is you’re having a very real human experience and you are far stronger than you think!)


You’re doing everything you can to juggle it all, but inside you’re falling apart and struggling just to breathe.


You can’t seem to get out of your head-constantly wondering what if in a million different ways. You want to FEEL BETTER and you’re desperate to gain back your motivation, confidence and drive.


You know that you will feel worthy again and motivated again.

You KNOW that you will gain back your zsa zsa zou.



I've talked to literally thousands of women who are running their own businesses. And here's what I hear over and over, they've worked their asses off to build their business, and everyone around them commends them and thinks they have it ALL figured out. But secretly they are pulling out their hair and feeling worn out; isolated; starved for a social life; like they aren't enough; and basically stuck.


Guess what? I totally get it! And that's because I've been there.


I wanted everyone to like me. I was a perfectionist. I was constantly trying to live up to other people's expectations. I subscribed to others' idea of success.  I sacrificed my own wellbeing.  And then, I tried harder.  


I started my business with all fire and drive. And after a few years of grinding hard, I hit a wall. I lost any and all motivation. I was burned out. I even resented my business a bit. And in the meantime, I felt that I’d be considered ungrateful for what I did have (a successful-by monetary means anyway-business) if I didn’t just put on a happy face and pretend everything was cool.


I know that, even if you believe all of this is possible, it probably feels a million years away… but it doesn’t have to be that way. I struggled with the exact thing you are for a long time. I tried all the things people tell you-positive thinking, smile your way through it, just work harder--all bandaids that don’t really address the issue.


It took some deep diving to change this. I had to learn a whole new way of approaching my life and business. And that is why I now coach-to help other women move through the process and come out the other side, and be better for it!


In essence, I've learned a whole new way of living!

I've learned to define success on my own terms. I've built a business that sustains me-financially, spiritually and emotionally. I've gotten myself out of $30k of debt. I have time to nourish my relationships and prioritize my self-care. I feel empowered and get to see the impact I have on real women everyday.


And it's totally possible for you as well! I want you to know that you 'are enough' and your worth is not defined by others. I want you to have the courage to own who you are and not feel shame. I want you to have real, genuine and nourishing connections. I want you to have the confidence to declare and go after what you really want. I want you to have clarity and purpose in your life (and business). I want you to have the courage to ask for help.


Here’s what your life is about to look like:


You cherish your free time doing the things you love like gardening and reading because you’ve rediscovered yourself and this new you is actually pretty cool.


You have the motivation to make big things happen with your business AND fully unplug on the weekend to be with your family because you know what you want and you’re making it happen with zeal and confidence.


You slide out of bed in the morning the first time your alarm goes off because you’re looking forward to the day and filled with gratitude.


You smile and laugh genuinely with your friends and family because things are better than ever and you actually feel worthy again.


You have moved forward with life and your relationship with you is thriving, you’re focused on the future and you LOVE YOUR LIFE right now.


Here’s what you’ll get when you join this coaching program:

  • 12 private hour-long coaching calls so you’re not doing any of this alone

  • 12 weekly lessons that help you recognize unproductive thought patterns so you can switch them up and create a conversation with yourself that inspires you throughout the day.

  • A workbook with weekly worksheets and action steps so you can build a life you love in just 12 weeks.

  • Daily journal prompts so you can track your progress and find reasons to experience gratitude every day.





This package is for the women who wants more support to work through limiting beliefs as she builds a business with intent, purpose and longevity. You'll get individualized support and a program suited to you. A 12-week empowerment coaching program that will help you replace all those negative thoughts and lack of drive with thoughts that will move you forward into a life you love and are excited about.


Say goodbye to the days bleeding together and feeling at your rope’s end because your new life is waiting!


Our time together is all about looking inward to uncover what it is that really excites you and how to build a sustainable life so you can finally move forward.



  • 1 x 1 hour discovery session
  • 12 x 45 minute Deep Dive Sessions 
    • we will meet weekly to transform your mindset, overcome blocks and build an action plan
    • you will receive worksheets/homework, additional resources, recommended materials as needed after each session
  • 1 SOS Call 
    • if you're facing a particularly challenging period, you can request a 30 minute SOS call
  • 3 months of unlimited email support during office hours
  • Post-Graduation you will also be allowed one additional SOS call

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