Your journey is meant to be full of life, joy and people who truly get it.


When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I felt like so alone. I wanted to feel connected, supported and like other people were on this path with me.  I did the comfortable thing for a long time and refused to put myself out there. I didn't look for the resistance that would break me down and make me stronger. Instead, I continued to tread water and do what I could to keep myself from downing in the overwhelm of running a business. 


It took some to realize change and support were not going to magically find me. I had to open myself up to them. I decided to take action and find my tribe. I built my own mentor group, where we had deep, meaningful, unfiltered conversations. Basically, shit started getting real. 


Despite having so much of the 'business-know-how', it was connection that brought me back to life. It was the talks we had that challenged me and forced me to be brave. It was this group work that offered the resistance I needed to start growing in an impactful way.


And that is why I am creating these mentorship groups. To offer a chance for connection and real growth! This is your chance to be seen and heard. It is your chance to be coached and shake the stagnation off of your life and business.


If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then girl dive in and keep scrolling!





This intimate group mentorship program will take you on a 12-week journey to overcome plateaus in your business, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and start living up to your truest potential. In addition to action plans, tools, and resources to guide you, you also get group coaching to better understand and absorb the materials. Part classroom, part mastermind with a rad girl-gang and food for your brain!



  • 12 x 1.5 hour group coaching calls
  • Weekly Modules
    • includes audio lessons, worksheets and videos
  • Private community where you have the support of others going through mentorship and myself
  • Intimate Sister Circles
    • smaller groups for in-depth engagement and accountability
  • Post-Graduation allows you lifetime CYL Squad Access for ongoing support
  • Graduation Party



01. What do you want?

02. Challenging Paradigms

03. The Power of Communication

04. Rewriting Your Story


05. Getting Money-Wise

06. Practicing Presence

07. Aligned, Authentic and Honest

08. Creating the Roadmap


09. Beginning to Put it Together

10. Building Your Audience

11. The Future of Business

12. Growing in a Healthy Way


Now taking waitlist for MARCH 2018

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