The badass boss lady's guide to empowerment in life and business.



What would your life and business look like if you woke up to the empowered boss lady that you are? What would your future look like??


Cool. Let's make that happen!



Your journey is meant to be full of life, joy and people who truly get it.


When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I felt like so alone. I wanted to feel connected, supported and like other people were on this path with me.  I did the comfortable thing for a long time and refused to put myself out there. I didn't look for the resistance that would break me down and make me stronger. Instead, I continued to tread water and do what I could to keep myself from downing in the overwhelm of running a business. 


It took some time to realize change and support were not going to magically find me. I had to open myself up to them. I decided to take action and find my tribe. I built my own mentor group, where we had deep, meaningful, unfiltered conversations. Basically, shit started getting real. 


Despite having so much of the 'business-know-how', it was connection that brought me back to life. It was the talks we had that challenged me and forced me to be brave. It was this group work that offered the resistance I needed to start growing in an impactful way.


And that is why I am creating these mentorship groups. To offer a chance for connection and real growth! This is your chance to be seen and heard. It is your chance to be coached and to shake the stagnation off of your life and business.


If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then girl dive in and keep scrolling!



Does any of this resonate?



  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the options in front of you; the direction you could take; and the ever-growing list of to-dos? Are you paralyzed by these options?
  • Do you feel worried about what others think of you? Or how they are going to perceive you? Do you feel you are holding yourself back out of fear?
  • Do you feel exhausted and burned out, but still miles from where you want to be?
  • Do you feel that life is lackluster and wish you could experience more joy and satisfaction?
  • Do you feel all alone and like you could use a support system?
  • Do you feel like you are never enough? Not smart enough, capable enough, creative enough, talented enough, good enough?
  • Do you feel like you are just spinning the wheels? Like you work so damn hard and are so busy 'being busy' that you don't have time to really work on what's important?
  • Do you feel like that joyous, satisfying, exciting life is just perhaps not meant for you?



If so, you are among a league of extraordinary women with extraordinary potential, who have at one point felt all of these same things (and are possibly feeling them right now)


If so, you are at a crossroads. This is the moment you can decide to do something differently and take back your life!



Imagine a life where you...


  • Show up everyday as an empowered, confident badass boss lady. A lady who has clarity in what she is working towards. A lady who naturally attracts and inspires others.

  • Feel excited and alive everyday. A life that makes you excited to wake up everyday and get started!

  • Make time for you. A life that allows you to have your own rejuvenation time, relaxation time and play time.

  • Command your worth because you understand the value you create and your contribution.

  • Passionately and infectiously share with others the amazing things you are doing!

  • Go to bed every night feeling good about what you have done and the impact you are making.


This life can be yours. that is exactly the path I carved for myself. And that is the path I am now guiding others down.


The MY KICKASS LIFE group mentorship helps women, just like you, reclaim their business and life. it helps them overcome plateaus, gain total clarity, and live life on their terms! All without sacrificing their own wellbeing.




3 MONTHS | $750


This intimate group mentorship program will take you on a 12-week journey to overcome plateaus in your business, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and start living up to your truest potential. In addition to action plans, tools, and resources to guide you, you also get group coaching to better understand and absorb the materials. Part classroom, part mastermind with a rad girl-gang and food for your brain!




  • Immediate access to the 9-part welcome packet
  • 12 Weeks of Training
    • audio lessons, worksheets and videos sent at the start of every week
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • Direct support from myself with bi-weekly virtual group coaching calls
  • Private community where you have the support of others going through mentorship and myself
  • Intimate Sister Circles.
    • smaller groups (no more than 10 women) for in-depth engagement and accountability

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