Imagine a life where SELF, passion, and career work together harmoniously. Sounds pretty damn awesome right?!


Nice to meet ya! I'm Grace and I'm an empowerment coach and community architect.

And I'm on a mission to help women create a life (and business) they love and don't need an escape from.



how I got here...

For a huge portion of my life I was disempowered; plagued by anxiety and crippling self-doubt; lacking purpose and direction... basically, lacking REAL happiness. I felt like a victim of life and didn't believe I had the power to change that. I was constantly seeking validation externally. And I went through life and made decisions based on what I thought others expected of me.


This was not an easy road. I made a lot of bad decisions along the way. I was addicted to the idea of the next 'thing'-always thinking that's where I'd find happiness. But it usually made me feel more disconnected and lost.


In 2014, things started to change. Although, it would be sometime still until I began to understand my path.


After a month of running to the bathroom to cry on lunch breaks, I made a very sudden (and dramatic) decision to leave my well-paying job in Los Angeles. I moved out-of-state to Portland. Being incredibly idealistic and naive at the time, my thought was I'll hike and see waterfalls and somehow find the answer I'm looking for (*sigh* oh young Grace!)... 


Breaking news! It didn't come to me in the flash I expected, instead there was a series of serendipitous events. 


I started CYL as a feature Instagram account to collect all of my favorite badass ladies out there doing their thing. It was originally meant as nothing more than a way to strike up conversation and make a friend... or four. Those early months I noticed that connecting to these talented artist and makers was stirring something in me. I was inspired to start creating and putting myself out there. 

Soon I was running CYL and slinging my own artwork. This continued for about a year. It was a flurry of excitement-I had purpose! I had direction! I had found a place in the world and people were noticing.


And then... another breakdown. I had been building these two businesses and was so focused externally that I lost sight of myself and consequently couldn't keep it going anymore. 


It took letting go of my art business so I could prioritize myself and start my healing journey. While at the time it seemed a step back, I've since taken huge leaps forward! I don't let my business dictate my life anymore. I have clear boundaries. I make sure my self-care and inner work comes before my work-work. All of this, and my business is better than ever. 


I've taken charge of my life and turned it into something that works for me, instead of the other way around.


Through committing to the inner work, listening to myself, embracing fear, busting through limitations,  and showing up every day I have been able to transform my life and find what I've been looking for all along. And I get to impact people in a positive way daily.


And I want to help others do the same!



on a personal note...


I live in sunny Los Angeles with my husband, stepdaughters and fur baby, Ghost the Persian (he's also my Chief Wellbeing Officer). Like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and the Mother of Dragons, I'm an ENFJ. I'm a through-and-through Virgo-loyal, hardworking and an avid reader. That means I can also be hard on myself due to my analytical nature, and this is something I am consciously and constantly working on. I'm on the same journey as all of you! While I work to empower and support women to consciously align their life, their self, their impact and their work, I'm a life-long student myself. And really isn't that the most fabulous part of life?? We are all in this together!